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Friday, August 17, 2012



While driving around Island Park and the West Yellowstone area we had detected an unusual noise in the truck at times.  It wasn’t constant, and we couldn’t tell where it was coming from.  It gradually got louder and while lying in bed around 2 AM one morning, it came to me what it was. A universal joint was failing.  Not a good thing to have while on the road 1500 miles from home.  Up, and on the internet, looking for a Chevy/GMC dealership.  Found one in Rexburg, ID.  60 miles South.  The next morning found us on the road by seven, trailer in tow, headed for Rexburg.  They didn’t open for business till 8, so we were almost there before I got them on the phone.  I told the service manager my situation and he said to come on with the trailer in tow, and he would have a place for me to park it.  By 8:30 the truck was in the shop and Wanda and I were eating breakfast in the Casita.  By 10 AM I was the proud owner of two new universal joints for less than $175.00, parts and labor, and on the road again.  What a pleasant surprise.  I’m sure there are horror stories of folks being taken advantage of while on the road, but thank goodness we weren’t one of them.  We couldn’t have been treated any nicer than at the Chevrolet dealership in Rexburg, ID.

On our way back Northward, we decided to see Mesa Falls.  They are located Southeast of Island Park, near the Wyoming border.  The first thing you see is this old lodge.

IMG_7983 (Small) 

IMG_8027 (Small)

Built almost 100 years ago as a private retreat, it is now a welcome center and natural history museum.

IMG_7975 (Small)

There were lots of displays in the back rooms of the old inn.

IMG_7976 (Small)

IMG_7978 (Small)

A cast made of a grizzlies foot print.  The nickel is for scale.

IMG_7979 (Small)

And a comparison of the claws of a grizzly and black bear.

IMG_7980 (Small)


IMG_7981 (Small)

And a table of many different bird wings, heads, and claws.

IMG_7982 (Small)

It was quite interesting.

The falls were really pretty.  The only access was along a steel walkway so photos were hard to get.

IMG_8012 (Small)

Looking downstream from the same vantage point.

IMG_8010 (Small)

A nice interlude on what could have been a very stressful day.  In reality, it turned out to be a wonderful day in Idaho.

IMG_8089 (Small)

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  1. Glad you had such a pleasant experience! Idaho is one of my favorite states.

  2. Jerry...thanks for your nice comment about my photo's...now let me say that I won't speak for Jon...but your photo's are every bit as creative as the one I shoot.....and as appealing...
    Glad all worked out with your truck..I've had a few of those speed bumps this trip...I guess it's part of the journey...

    Have you got a list of those places you stayed west and south of Glacier.....I guess I don't have a clue how to find places like you and Wanda seem to find....Later Horst


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