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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yep! We did it!


IMG_1462 (Medium)

It wasn’t the part of the Salmon River known as The River of no Return, but it was still a fun trip.  The outfitter picked us up at our campground as it was on the way to the put in location.  We then rode another 15 or so miles down river before launching.  All cinched up and ready to go.

IMG_1464 (Medium) IMG_1466 (Medium)

Preparing our ride.

IMG_1467 (Medium)

Of course, I had the front seat.  No one else would have it.

IMG_1472 (Medium)

All my pictures show calm water.  That wasn’t the case.  It’s just that my camera wasn’t waterproof.  getting it out of a dry bag to take a picture, and then getting it back in the bag before the action started was too complicated.

The back or the boat, showing our very good guide, Steve.  He had been doing the river for 14 years.

IMG_1475 (Medium)

Random river shots.

IMG_1476 (Medium) IMG_1479 (Medium)

IMG_1480 (Medium) IMG_1504 (Medium)

We stopped at an old gold mine that had lots of good junk lying around, and even got a peek inside.

IMG_1488 (Medium) IMG_1498 (Medium)

IMG_1494 (Medium) IMG_1496 (Medium)

A snack at the gold mine stop, prepared our our excellent cook.

IMG_1487 (Medium)

Back on the river we saw old miners cabins and some local wildlife.

IMG_1511 (Medium) IMG_1508

Can you spot the sheep?

After about three and a half hours on the water, everyone was ready for lunch.  We stopped at the riverside cabin of a friend of the outfitters.  We came ashore to an appitizer tray of artichoke dip with crackers, as well as a vegetable tray.

IMG_1517 (Medium)

Then the main course.  Grilled chicken, potato salad, corn on the cob, zucchini bread and fresh fruit.

IMG_1519 (Medium)

Dessert was home made deep dish apple or apricot pie,

IMG_1522 (Medium)

with ice cream.

IMG_1521 (Medium)

What a meal to have on a river bank thirty miles from town.  My compliments to the young lady who prepared it all.

Then it was back on the river for a few more miles before the takeout.  I even got in a little paddling in one of the inflatable kayaks.

IMG_1529 (Medium)

Overall, it was a fantastic day.  We returned to the trailer and Sally around five thirty.  Just in time to put my chair out by the river, grab a glass of wine, and reminisce about what a great time we had.

IMG_1537 (Medium)

We may stick around here a few more days……….jc


  1. What an awesome trip!! I took family on a river trip out of Gardiner last year but no one fed us such incredible food on the way!!

  2. What a great experience. Memories for many, many years.

  3. That looks like a blast. We haven't been rafting in years but we sure enjoyed it back when!! Good looking meal too.

  4. I want to do that! That looks so fun!

  5. What a wonderful day to remember!

  6. Wow ... we want to go to Idaho !! Amazing day .. rafting & kayaking in a beautiful scenic area, it looked like alot of fun. Food looked outstanding. Enjoy rest of your trip, safe travels .. Paul & Terri

  7. Oh my...what a terrific experience...and the dinner ...as Grandpa Jones use to say..Mmm...Mmmmm Good.

    I just arrived at Devils Tower...will spend a couple days here , then keep going north....you both take care...Horst

  8. That gold mine sure looks tempting..I'll have to google the outfitter and add it to the list! Pie made me hungry...

  9. Wow you and RVSue river rafting in the same week! Looks like soooo much fun! I did it when I was a kid..... maybe Chuck and I will have to give it a try! The closest we get to that is tubing down the Rio Grande! That is fun too!

  10. Thanks for the tour. I've been by the area several times, now I have to float the river.


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