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Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Drive down the Salmon River


IMG_7665 (Medium)

We stayed up late the other night watching the full moon rise over the mountains to the East.  It was incredible to watch it creep up over the edge.  As luck would have it, I had to change batteries in my camera, and missed the best part.  Still, it was something to see.

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We managed to sleep in till nearly 8:30 and then fixed another breakfast of those huckleberry pancakes.  After that, we decided to take a ride down the North Fork Road which runs along the Salmon River for nearly 40 miles before reaching a dead end.

IMG_7711 (Medium)

As it was nearly 10:00 AM before we started, we didn’t expect to see much wildlife.  We were pleasantly surprised.  We spotted elk, a golden eagle in flight, what I assume is a juvenile Bald Eagle, and of course an adult Bald Eagle.

IMG_7682 (Medium)

IMG_7690 (Medium)

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We also ran across numerous mountain bighorn sheep, as well as some mule deer.  Also numerous covey’s of Chukers.  Caught these playing on a sandbar.

IMG_7715 (Medium)

IMG_7756 (Medium)

IMG_7740 (Medium)

We rode the entire length of the road except for the last four miles.  We passed the confluence of the Middle Salmon, known as one of the most remote rivers in the Continental United States.

IMG_7734 (Medium)

Looking up the Middle Fork.

IMG_7733 (Medium)

We turned around at the takeout point for the Middle Fork rafters.  They had been on the river for a week and most looked kind of beaten, but they all had a smile on their face’s that said “mission accomplished.


More on the day in another post.  All these pictures were taken near midday.  They aren’t the best, but hopefully you can appreciate the beauty of the area. Judy; please correct me on my bird identification if I’m wrong….……jc


  1. Gorgeous photos, and what an excellent little journey you had! You're right on with the eagles. :)

  2. Great photos and how cool is that to see all that wildlife in the middle of the day!

  3. I remember one of your old posts where you were talking about the itch to get out, and reflecting on the things you had seen on past trips.

    Looks to me like this one is turning out to be one of the very best ones for you. Fascinating, and oh, so beautiful!

  4. OK...I think its gotten to the point that I need to ask you for advice on taking photos....I think you have there ia another vocation in the making(not only taking photos but teaching others your method and style).....also I guess I need your navigator or her map as I am going to be in that area in a couple of weeks.....

    I do have a techie question...when you are driving from one location to another do you turn your frig off or run in on propane...I've turned mine off ...but with the heat..its not staying cool enough to my satisfaction...any advice is appreciated...my new email is horstkelly31@gmail.com...
    Safe Travels..Horst


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