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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Up to Lemhi Pass


IMG_7794 (Medium)

With a few detours. 

First was the Gibbonsville cemetery.  A thriving community settled by some British folk way back when.  Not much there now but a store, a few houses, and this cemetery.  I have to admit that I’d not seen one like it until now.  A cemetery in a forest.

IMG_7769 (Medium)

Still being used today.  there were graves of the early settlers as well as recent ones.

IMG_7773 (Medium)

IMG_7772 (Medium)

IMG_7774 (Medium)

An interesting place to run upon.  Also found this monument along the roadside.

IMG_7781 (Medium)

IMG_7779 (Medium)

From Old Toby, we made our way through Salmon and up 12 miles of gravel road to the top of Lemhi Pass.  We had been told there was a monument to Sacagawea up there, as well as an interesting view of the Missouri River.

We found a park built in Sacagawea’s honor, but no monument.  It was guarded by this little lady who watched us the entire time we were there.

IMG_7785 (Medium)

At the farthest part of the park was this spring.

IMG_7792 (Medium)

Said to be the Westernmost source of water entering the Missouri River.  In other words “the beginning of the Missouri”. 

Wanda had to strike the same pose as one of Lewis and Clarks men did.

IMG_7791 (Medium)

IMG_7793 (Medium)

And Sally had to have a drink to commemorate the moment.

IMG_7789 (Medium)

The area was really smoky from fires somewhere.  You could hardly see the mountains.  This is a view of the road we took up the mountain.

IMG_7795 (Medium)

And we also stumbled upon this place. 

IMG_7805 (Medium)

Apparently this was one of the stage stops, as it was right near the sign.  If it wasn’t, it should have been.

IMG_7798 (Medium)

IMG_7801 (Medium)

Old stage road.

IMG_7806 (Medium)

Quite a day in the Salmon, ID area.  We stopped in town for a grocery run and a bite to eat before heading back to the campground……….jc


  1. Wow guys, am storing these places you are visiting in my laptop's note book. Great pics. Love all the places you are visiting.

  2. Super little deer photo...and the Log cabin close up is terrific...you guys are finding some gems!!!....East Glacier by the 14th.....Horst sends

  3. Very interesting history of the area. And a beautiful deer to boot!! Enjoyed your pictures.

  4. There's a very nice ride (so much Lewis and Clark) up to Wisdom, MT and Big Hole, if you are staying more than overnight.

  5. Gee, I love history!! Beautiful area!!


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