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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Moving on from Salmon



We had planned for two nights near Salmon, arriving one evening, doing the raft trip all the next day, and departing the following morning. It’s amazing how plans can change for various reasons.

The little Bonair trailer pictured above belongs to Rob and Mary Ann.  They happened by chance to be our neighbors when we got settled in.  What a wonderful Canadian couple they were.  Rob and Mary Ann came over and introduced themselves and it was like we were old friends.  Everyone we met at the park was wonderful. I could go on and on, but two days turned into five, and we hated to leave. I highly recommend WagonHammer RV park if you are ever in the area.

From there we made our way south to Stanley for the evening.  Had a wonderful site in a NFS campground right above the Salmon River.

IMG_1578 (Medium)

Cooling our heels for a while until the weather cooled off.

IMG_1555 (Medium)

There was a large fire just 20 miles away and everything was hazy and smoky.  This is the smoke column as the sun was setting.

IMG_7818 (Medium) 

IMG_7821 (Medium)

Mornings were the clearest time of the day, but you could still see the smoke.

IMG_7832 (Medium)

As the day goes on it gets worse.  This is a view looking down at the headwaters of the Salmon River near Ketchum, ID.

IMG_7843 (Medium)

Our last look at the Salmon River,  Not quite small enough to straddle, but easy enough to wade across.

IMG_7833 (Medium) IMG_7838 (Medium)

The evening found us at another NFS campground near Ketchum.  An eerie sunset on the Big Wood River through the smoke.

IMG_7860 (Medium)

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  1. Oh, you're in the place I so love. I don't think it gets any prettier. I hit fires coming south to Stanley in 2010. The fire was right up to the road and I had to stop at ranger stations along the way to see if I could continue. I give a lot of credit to the fire jumpers.

    They had a number of fires going at the same time. I camped near their jumper headquarters in McCall and it was interesting to watch all the action. I saw them dropping big huge buckets of red fire retardant. I don't envy them their jobs.

  2. Great pictures. Too bad about the fires but it looks like you still had great campgrounds and good times.

  3. You do seem to find very excellent campsites.

  4. Wonderful campsites in that little casita--I hate that our weather has been so hot for you guys and SMOKEY!!

  5. What a couple of cool trailers!

  6. What awesome campsites! Love that last pic..just beautiful!!

  7. Hello Jerry & Wanda, What kind comments you posted about us and our Bonair. What a great blogspot you have... we really enjoy your pics. We are so happy to have met you and can call you "friends". We just got back a couple of days ago to sunny & HOT southern California. We had a nice trip back through Yosemite and Sequoia parks..... we love the mountains... nice and cool ! We miss all our friends at Waggonhammer already and getting together at happy hour. It would be nice to be sitting around the campfire visiting with you folks again as well. We'll stay in touch.
    All our best
    Rob & Mary Ann


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