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Wednesday, August 22, 2012



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How many old Westerns had a line somewhere in the script that mentioned Leadville?  Whether they were speaking of the real thing, or not, the name always meant mining, money, and mayhem.

As the painted ladies of the past that once strolled her streets, Leadville is still a colorful town.

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Some of the buildings even have a slight lean away from their neighbor.

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The major difference between then and now is that the streets once crowded with miners are now crowded with tourists.

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You can still find links to the past in town.

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Lots of displays and dioramas.

IMG_8490 (Medium) IMG_8494 (Medium)

Old time clock and Assayers desk.

IMG_8499 (Medium) IMG_8500 (Medium)

Scales for weighing, and safes for storing.

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The miners that discarded these bottles a hundred and fifty years ago could never imagine Leadville as it is today.

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Leadville is a lot like many other places.  It has a deep history that is very interesting if one takes the time to dig for it.

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Baby Doe would be truly amazed…..jc


  1. Lovely "picture" story of a lovely town. Doesn't look like it's changed much since I was there. In fact, I think I have some of the same pictues! Thanks for the memories.

  2. Some great buildings, love all the colors!


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