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Monday, August 27, 2012

Ouray and Silverton


IMG_8752 (Medium)

Ouray, nestled as it is up against the mountains that surround it on three sides, bills itself as the Switzerland of America.  An old town that was a support center for the surrounding mines back in the late 1800’s, it has lots of old and unique buildings.

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The only paved street is Main Street.  Probably only because it is Hwy 550 through the town.  All the others are gravel.

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Lots of the town is for sale.  Some even come with a supply of firewood.

IMG_8755 (Medium)

Flowers everywhere.

IMG_8762 (Medium)

A pretty town, in spite of the gloomy weather.

On another day we journeyed South over Red Mountain Pass to Silverton.  Wonder how it got its name.

IMG_8915 (Medium)

A view the other direction.

IMG_8916 (Medium)

Another old mining town along the way, with an artist in residence.

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IMG_8920 (Medium)

Silverton’s down there.

IMG_8927 (Medium)

Ran across this guy just a few miles from Silverton.

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IMG_8933 (Medium)

Lots of unusual buildings in Silverton, also.

IMG_8944 (Medium) IMG_8946 (Medium)

IMG_8948 (Medium) IMG_8958 (Medium)

The first train of the day coming in with its load of tourists from Durango.

IMG_8951 (Medium) IMG_8952 (Medium)

We also stumbled upon the prettiest waterfall we saw anywhere in the area.  Don’t know its name as there was no sign.  You could drive by it without even knowing it was there, as the top is actually under the Hwy 550 roadbed.

IMG_8964 (Medium)

IMG_8973 (Medium)

I would estimate it to have been around 100 feet high.

IMG_8971 (Medium)

A good roadtrip, even though it ended in the rain…….jc


  1. Ah, what great memories. You are in country I love. I have seen that waterfall, and what makes it so beautiful is that it's hidden and missed by people not looking for it.

    Did you see the moose in a flat spot between Silverton and Ouray? I often wondered whether there were any there--it looks just like every other habitat commonly found to moose.

    I bought this little book about 10-12 years ago for $10. You might be able to find it locally for a lot less than what they are asking, now. It's a small book-probably less than 100 pages.

    Without it we would have missed most of the wonderful things we saw on the San Juan Highway. It's a mile-by-mile guide. We used it year after year when we went back.

    You're one up on us with the moose sighting. :) Enjoyed your blog. Hope you're there for a while and will keep blogging about the area.

    1. I looked back in my journal. I *think* the name of the waterfall is Bear Creek Falls. Don't miss the cemetery between Silverton and Ouray - it's on the right going north. Oh, you are so lucky!!!!

  2. Nice tour! Brought back some good memories:)

  3. Ouray! I love that area. We've been there 3 times, pre-blog and pre-Casita.

    I remember one time we were in town at a motel, swimming in the pool and a moose was there eating the flowers.

    How lucky you are to be on Ouray with a Casita and a blog!


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